Research Markers, Ground

In early 2010, due to safety concerns, rebar was discontinued as acceptable ground marker for research plots. Rebar used as ground research plot markers was removed from all existing research plots by October 1, 2011 and replaced with acceptable alternatives. A variety of rebar alternatives are needed to 1) accommodate terrain variability and 2) meet the spatial and temporal marking needs of each research project. Acceptable rebar alternatives include:

  • PVC - must be painted with green or brown color and capped. Ideally, holes drilled at ground level to permit free drainage of water.
  • Trail markers, fiberglass (for use in research plots not to mark trails)
  • T stakes/posts, fiberglass - as used for electric fences
  • Magnetized survey pins to be nailed into soil with bright plastic brushes above ground
  • Other types of ground markers approved by the Research Technical Committee
  • HETF acts in partnership with the following organizations:

    Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
    Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife
    Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry
    USDA Forest Service

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