The HETF's engagement vision is to serve as a center for demonstration, education, training, and outreach on tropical forestry, conservation biology, and natural resources research and management. Engagement goals will be accomplished through a stong reliance on partnerships and span six focal areas:

  • Formal training for professionals - Provide work experience and professional development in ecology, conservation, and restoration.
  • Community outreach - Communicate research findings and management goals, and foster a connection to nature and forest stewardship through engagement activities that involve the public through collaboration with partners including K-12 education partners.
  • Cultural training - Exposing researchers, students, and managers to cultural knowledge directed at managing forest and coastal resources, including native Hawaiian perspectives and approaches.
  • Demonstration for managers - Delivery of information, tools, and techniques to managers through demonstration research, conservation, and restoration projects.
  • Student research - Foster and support undergraduate and graduate level research opportunities and research internships.
  • Academic education Collaborate with universities to integrate college level courses and support courses via state and federal facilities.
  • Please visit the pages below to learn more about applying for an Education Permit for acitivities within the HETF or learning more about HETF programs and partners.

    Education and Outreach Programs and Partners - learn more about HETF programs and partners.

    HETF acts in partnership with the following organizations:

    Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
    Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife
    Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry
    USDA Forest Service

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